Our wedding party


Pastor Donald Letcher (Uncle of the Bride)

                                     Maid of Honor                                        

      Tavioya (brides best friend)

Best man

Anthony ( Groom’s best friend and childhood buddy)



Chentia (good friend and line sister) 

             Danielle (best friend and college buddy)                                                            

NaTasha (sorority sister and good friend)                                             


  Jeff (good friend and college buddy)

Chris (good friend and college and rugby buddy)

Fredrick (best friend and childhood buddy)

Flower Girls

NaKeria Franks    (niece)            

Keyshona Franks (niece)

                                        Toddler Bride                                                                

             Sabrina (daughter of the bride and groom)                                                                   

Ring Bearer

Dominic   (cousin of the bride)                                 

Candle lighters

Jazzmyne (bride’s sister)       

                      Andryne (groom’s cousin)


Temica (sister of the bride)

Anthony Todd Austin Jr. (nephew of the bride)


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